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Vicki May

Licensed Real Estate Broker || Property Manager || Real Estate Investor

A Bit About Me and How I Work

I am a Real Estate Broker fully licensed to do all types of leasing and property management activities. I can advertise your property and host showings. I am authorized to pull credit reports for tenant screening, talk to prior landlords about their experience with a potential tenant, and verify employment and income. I stay up-to-date on landlord legal issues as part of holding a license. Other activities might include organizing a lease-signing meeting, registering you as a landlord with local municipalities, electronic rent collection, and of course, arranging for maintenance & repairs.

As a rental property investor myself, I will be on your side as a property owner. I know what it takes to find great tenants and manage your building to keep them. My 16 years of experience as a landlord has shown me paths through issues not covered in textbooks.

I work only with quality landlords. My best client is looking to improve their investment and, at the same time, provide a good living circumstance for tenants. I do not represent tenants, only property owners. I love tenants and take good care of them as your customers. But there will never be any question that I represent you as owner of the building, whether leasing or managing.

And finally, I know that there is no reason to own property if it does not enhance your wealth in some way. It might be through monthly cash flow; it might be through appreciation; or it might be through tax relief … or all three. But if it isn’t going to pay, it’s not worth the headache. I can offer advice on upgrades that make sense, the right rental rates, and what makes a good investment property.

Contact me at 708.714.0686 or The first step would be a walk through of your building.